Thursday, October 23, 2008

Evening All

Well its been a few years since I last posted, for various reasons I haven't been able to get on here and keep this as up to date as I would like.
But now, with the state Forest are in at the moment the club needs all true Reds to stand up and fight for what is (undoubtedly) the greatest football team in the world.

We finally got promoted back up to the Championship on the final day of last season (and what a nerve wracking day that was). But the new season has not been kind to the reds, languishing at the foot of the table, 6 points adrift and looking bereft of ideas.
A lot of fans are calling for the head of Calderwood to try and arrest the slide before its too late. I'm not in that camp (yet) but the next 3 games are vitally important in deciding whether he still has a job at christmas or not.
Most importanly the game aginst D***y on 2nd November, I've been waiting a long time for this game and the nerves truly are jangling now with just over a week to go.
Dont' bottle it lads.
Pull on that shirt.
Look at that badge.
Hear the roar of the fans as you step out onto the pitch.
Take a long hard glance at the Reds fans, imploring you to shed blood for the team on this day.
THIS is the one that matters, beat D***y and you will be heroes!
Lose without giving it everything you've got and there will be no hiding place.

Defeat is not an option!


Friday, November 10, 2006

Its been a Long Time!!!

Well I haven't posted anythign here since before the trip to Bradford at the end of last season and so much has happened since then.
We had a great day out in Bradford but unfortunately it just wasn't to be and our season ended there, but still was good to say so many trickies taking over the city for the day.
Then came the World Cup, which promised so much for a (supposedly) great England side, unfortunately we managed to perform to our usual standard, get sent home in the quarters on penalties and I was left sat there wondering why we failed to turn up for any of our games. To be honest wasn't a great world cup, but I'm glad Italy beat the French.
Colin Calderwood has become our manager and we haven't looked back, footballs still shite but we are top of the league and looking to return to the championship at last (and Leeds look like swapping places with us which gives me hours of fun at work!!)

Anyway first round of the FA cup on Saturday so I excpect by 5 o'clock we'll have been knocked out so we can concentrate on getting out of this flea pit of a league finally.


Sunday, April 30, 2006

One Game Left and All To Play For

Been ages since my last post and since then so much has happened. Megson finally decided to call it a day leaving the club four points off another relegation. Ian McParland and Frank Barlow took temporary control and what a turn around they have made. With just one game left the club finds itself on the verge of the play offs. If only we'd managed to beat Bournemouth yesterday it would all be in our own hands but now we got Bradford knowing that even if we win we are still relying on other results going our way. Going to be a tense afternoon, and all I can say is thank god I've got a ticket don't think I could bear listening to the radio for this one.

The Table looks like this going into the final weekend

3 Brentford 45 20 75
4 Huddersfield 45 13 72
5 Barnsley 45 17 69
6 Swansea 45 19 68
7 Nottm Forest 45 15 68
8 Doncaster 45 2 66

If we beat Bradford and either Barnsley or Swansea fail to win, we're in the play offs but its going to be so tight.

See you all at Valley Parade.


Sunday, January 29, 2006

Forest 0-2 Barnsley

Well bang goes our 'proud' home record, and didn't we do it in style. The performance tonight form the Reds was pathetic and was more akin to their usual ineffectual away performances.
I didn't bother going to this one, mainly due to SKY bloody TV deciding Friday night football is a great idea and being unable to leave work early enough I decided battling with the traffic on the M1 on a Friday night wouldn't be much fun and I'd probably struggle to get there in time, it must be one of the first times in ages I've actually watched a home game on the TV rather than at the ground itself and it just didn't feel right. The game may have been awful but I'd still rather be there than watching it in the sanitised atmosphere of a pub. Finding the pub was the hard part, not many round here were showing the game (and who can blame them, they want to try and keep their customers in the place after all).
Strangely enough, I didn't get any abuse once people found out I was a Forest fan, they didn't even start rolling around on the floor laughing. Just looked at me with pity and gave me the 'Never mind lad it'll pick up for your lot soon!' etc. etc.

I haven't got much to say about the game itself, apart from we were completely clueless, ten minutes into the second half I turned away from the TV and concentrated on getting some serious drinking done instead to try and numb the pain, with the odd glance back at the screen to see if things had improved any, they didn't and I spent the whole of Saturday nursing one hell of a hangover.

So what's the way forward now? I really don't know. Megson is staying, of that there is no doubt. The players seem to lack the motivation or desire to do anything for the club and the fans are turning on each other. Everything at the moment points to a long, long stay in this crappy little division and to be honest we deserve to be there. everyone's looking to our forthcoming away game at Franchise FC to be the much needed away win that may get us going but at the moment I can't see it happening and as the top of the table drifts further and further away, the foot looms ever closer.


Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Where the hell do we go from here?

Well its been about 2 months since my last post, for various reasons I just haven't got round to updating my blog regularly. Some of which involves being too busy at work but mainly because how often can I regurgitate the same stuff week after week. But hey ho my new years resolution is actually to update this damn thing on a regular basis, nah not really I don't do New Year's resolutions. Mainly because I don't like to let people down, least of all myself (but I will endavour to actually log on and spout my normal bile about the disgrace that is the current crop of useless bastards in the Garibaldi)!

Since my last post results haven't been that good, a one all draw at Bournemouth, a two nil win at Weymouth in the FA cup (when the world and his wife turned up hoping to see us humiliated), a two nil win at home to Sothend followed by another loss away from home (two one to Huddersfield). We then went to Chester in the second round of the FA cup and got humiliated three nil, an absolute disgrace for the Trickies and meant we would not be in the Third round of the cup for the first time in fifty odd years!! We followed this up with a 0ne nil win over Port Vale, a game in which we actually played quite well and deserved more than the one goal to show for our efforts, unfortunately in the next game we reverted to type drawing one one at home to Walsall, who spent the best part of an hour with only ten men yet we still didn't attacke them!! A three one loss at Scunthorpe was followed by a four nil win over Doncaster, how we won four nil I do not know, Donny were all over us but somehow we managed to destroy them! We then drew nil nil at home to Chesterfield and most recently lost three one at Colchester (after levelling the game at one all in the nintieth minute).
So new year same old shite, up until now I've been in the camp that says we should stick with Megson, there's been far too many managerial changes down at the city ground recently and we need some stability. But enough is enough, the football on diaplsy is depressing, on paper we have a team that is more than capable of runnign away with this league but we aren't and at the end of the day that has to be the managers responsibility. Enough is enough MEGSON OUT!!!!

Monday, November 07, 2005

Forest 1 Weymouth 1 FA Cup First Round

You can just sense the vultures gathering down TrentSide, I'll use Radio Fives new name for us (last season it was 'Struggling Nottingham Forest'),'Former European Champions Nottingham Forest' sink to a new low. The replay is going to be on Sky next Monday, and the only reason they've chosen this match over the others is they can sense the real possibility of a new humiliation for us and they want to be there to show it LIVE!!
I've been reading and hearing other peoples comments on this game and it's started me wondering, Have I lost the passion I used to have for the club? that can't be possible, if I had I would no longer spend 3 hours in the car on a Saturday getting to and from the match, I'd stay in, nice and warm and listen to the Premiership or whatever on the radio. But the way Alex and Mist Rollin in and 1865 (see links to right) are ranting about this result I feel that maybe I've lost the desire I used to have for the club and , like the players, just couldn't give a toss anymore.
After this game, I was hurt, angry, annoyed that the team I love could be so dispassionate and uncaring when they pull on the Garibaldi but one of my first thoughts was 'Well it's the cup, these results happen' but why do they keep on happening to us?? And why don't I give a toss anymore?
Last season I was ranting with the best of them, becoming so annoyed with the team in front of me that I resorted to doing something I've never done in my life before, booing and abusing the players wearing MY shirt. And it is my shirt, just like it is Alex's and 1865's and Mist rollin in's and 20 odd thousand other Trickies who are living through this with us. I had arguments with other fans in the stand, I literally screamed my lungs out to try and get the players to understand exactly what this club means to me, but this season nothing!
I don't know where my desire and passion have gone but if I can't find it how can I expect the players to find theirs?
People blame the manager but I think the problems at our club go deeper than that, we keep on changing managers and nothing happens. Is there anyone out there even willing to take the job on?
I've no idea what the answer is but please someone give me my passion back, I really do miss it.

Monday, October 31, 2005

Forest 1 Bradford 0

Back to winning ways again, thankfully. At least I can now walk around up here without having to put up with jibes from the Leeds and Bradford supporting lot I work with (to be honest I still get the jobes but would have been ten times as bas if we'd lost).
Not really a very exciting game to be honest, we came out played some really good football, scored in the first half and then stopped!! That was it, didn't press for a second or third to put the game out of reach, jsut sort of sat there and said 'Ok Bradford have a go and see what you can do'. Thankfully it wasn't much at all, a decent side would have got at least one goal. But hey, I shoudln't be too critical, it's 3 points and we stay in touch with those at the top. If we can put a decent run together we'll be right up among them all soon.
Was good to see Johnno get the goal, he's still not the Johnno of old but then again the Johnno of last season would have missed the chance he put away so things are looking up there. We didn't miss Hoult as Gerrard had another superb game in goal and Holt in midfield played extremely well I thought.
One thing I really didn't enjoy was being back in 'A' Block for the day, a few seasons ago this was where I used to be for every match (not cause I'm a complete moron who thinks with his fists, but because it's one of the few places in the ground with any decent atmosphere) anyway we left this area of the ground due to hassle from the idiots they employ as stewards who seem to think it's their duty to ruin every supporters enjoyment of the game. Well there has still been no improvement on their part, people are still being dragged out of the ground for the horrendous crime of standing up at a football match (this ain't the ballet you twats). In fact they even threatened to throw me out, my crime? Complaining to the dickhead in the yellow jacket that while he was stood in front of me arguing with the lads a few rows in front about standing I couldn't see bugger all through him!!
The sooner the club gets rid of these idiots the better, why does this only happen in that section of the ground, if you stand up anywhere else you hardly get any problems at all but in 'A' block the nazi's they employ immediately get agressive towards the customers, is it any wonder the customers get aggresive back?